The Cephalonian & Ithacian Federation of Rooms & Apartments for rent is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 and is comprised of 8 associations from Cephalonia   It is a secondary trade-union body of the rental properties sector and Ithaca.

The aim of Federation is the safeguarding, promotion and protection of the economic and professional interests of its members.

The conjunction of the forces of primary Associations into a single trade-union active presence.

The promotion and advertising of lodgings  (rental properties) in Greek and foreign media The organisation and the attendance in exhibitions, trade fairs and cultural events aiming at the marketing of  our rental properties

The attendance of seminars, congresses and other related events that provide the qualitative upgrade of the sector

The briefing of  the member  associations on their rights and obligations

The establishment of a front office for the service of its member associations.

The representation of the Federation in the Prefectoral Committee of Tourism Promotion.

It is a member of the primary  trade-union body which is the Confederation of Rental Rooms-Apartments of Greece